Would you mind very much moving out of my sun?


While I am more or less completely enthused with Stoicism I do occasionally dip a toe into other schools and thought styles. Broadly I suppose this means everything from Thales to Singer. I am unashamedly omnivorous when it comes to the philosophies I will pick at and consume.

I also like ethics (which is kinda its own thing… but also not), insofar as I like to contemplate what is ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong’ (usually done from the comfort of my bathtub while I work on the shriveled patina of my dermis) and then feel superior about my indecisiveness. And so instead of creating a myriad of niche categories everything with even a vaguely philosophical bend gets dumped in here.

I should warn you that its not very exciting or particularly cerebral. In fact it is likely quite amateurish… however, in my defense, that is what I am. An amateur. Also my cranium has historically been used to absorb a lot of blunt force trauma and then (somewhat callously) got used as a reciprocal object to be accelerated at pace into the face and orbit of those that vexed me. It has likely left me somewhat brain-damaged.

In any event, not a good combination for nuanced thought and profound ideas. Usually I just regurgitate other peoples suppositions, but less succinctly. With more spelling mistakes and less commas.


The Tree of Sorrows – Not to be confused with The Tree of Life. Or Knowledge. Or Ugliness.

Nature – It hates you. I mean it REALLY hates you.

The worst Stoic ever – Although probably still a better adherent than Nero… eh… I hope.

The death of a cricket – Casual cruelty, an existential crisis and circling the drain of sociopathy (so basically a Tuesday morning).

Eat me – And while we start with Douglas Adams we quickly move onto cannibalism (as one does).

The Shallow Pond – Drown or get drowned by your sorrows. It could go either way.

On Death – ♫ Always look on the bright side… ♪♪