Would you mind moving out of my sun?


While I am more or less completely enthused with Stoicism I do occasionally dip a toe into other schools and thought styles. Broadly I suppose this means everything from Thales to Singer. I am unashamedly omnivorous when it comes to the philosophies I will pick at and consume.

I also like ethics (which is kinda its own thing… but also not), insofar as I like to contemplate what is ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong’ (usually done from the comfort of my bathtub while I work on the shriveled patina of my dermis) and then feel superior about my indecisiveness. And so instead of creating a myriad of niche categories everything with even a vaguely philosophical bend gets dumped in here.

I should warn you that its not very exciting or particularly cerebral. In fact it is likely quite amateurish… however, in my defense, that is what I am. An amateur. Also my cranium has historically been used to absorb a lot of blunt force trauma and then (somewhat callously) it got used as a reciprocal object to be accelerated at pace into the face and orbit of those that vexed me. It has likely left me somewhat brain-damaged.

In any event, not a good combination for nuanced thought and profound ideas. Usually I just regurgitate other peoples suppositions, but less succinctly. With more spelling mistakes and less commas.


The tree of sorrows –  Not to be confused with The Tree of life. Or Knowledge. Or Ugliness.

Nature – It hates you. I mean it REALLY hates you.

The Three Deaths



Burn it down…

Burn, burn

Unpopular logic

Maximum carnage

The animals went in two by two

Mad cow

Fine prize cows

Dying for an idea

The ethical omnivore

Honor bound

Blitz ethics

Heffalumps don’t surf

The Shallow pond

Lifeboat ethics

Stoking my internal Grinch

I am mother

Punchable features

Love your anemone


Two is one and one is none

Plus, minus and equal

Dream retirement

The Tao of playstation

The prime directive


Big fish


The crushing weight of existence

Choose your own adventure

Taunting death

Monstrous Jellyfish

Precipitation. And other things that will get you wet

High noon equivalency


The Good Samaritan Experiment

Exception to the rule

How to address a conqueror

Crazy hair

Damn Carpet

Burn, Burn…


If you meet the Buddha

On death

You dropped your rock

Philosopher suicide

Making a case for the commute

‘Despite all my rage’

A book for all and none


I’ll just leave this here