“It is a long-cherished tradition among a certain type of military thinker that huge casualties are the main thing. If they are on the other side then this is a valuable bonus.”

Terry Pratchett

I don’t have the presence of mind for the long game of strategy. I’m much more about the short term and the immediacy of tactics… which I find fascinating. Winning the battle as opposed to winning the war.

Abdication of responsibility

I am not a military historian (or even an armchair general) and really anything posted here is just a summary of something that was likely a much more complex enterprise. Also… at best, its all fairly amateurish.


Schwerpunkt – As used by Erwin Rommel during the battle of France

The Oblique order – As used by by Frederick the Great at the Battle of Leuthen in Silesia.

Death-ground – As used by Hernán Cortés to motivate his troops to take the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan.

Koevoet – Counter-insurgency tactics used during the South African border conflict.

Sun Tzu and the King of Wu – This probably belongs here.

Taking the bait – Baiting your opponent