Music festival ingenuity

Music festivals and world war one trenches. If you know why these two are connected you have likely been to Glastonbury (and/or similar). In the immortal words of Roger Murtaugh of Lethal Weapon fame. ‘I am (now) definitely too old for this shit’. Music festivals are a young persons game. Actually the same can probably be said for dying in wars. (being older I have merged and become one with my internal pacifist)

I’m super impressed with this dude…


And… in this person in terms of entrepreneurship…


Everyone is awesome


A friend of a friend recently started his own company with another friend of his. (I realize I just used the word ‘friend’ more times than was absolutely necessary, but I wanted to distance myself from this person but at the same time illustrate some level of familiarity… which will hopefully excuse the next part of my trirade…) So, as one does, I stalked him on social media. Also, it was something quite esoteric, like some sort of nebulous corporate consulting gig… which immediately gets my hackles up and usually has me hauling out the soapbox pulpit from which to rage from.

In any event. This newly minted company had a staggering employee roster of two, one of whom was listed as the CEO, the other as the CFO. Apparently titles bandied about without any sense of irony or parody. I was briefly amused. But I think this is where we are at…

In the pretend world we now dwell in, we are of course all awesome and at the top of our game/life achievement trajectory. Even if we are not.

Don’t get me wrong, I love (the concept of) entrepreneurship (I’m not so sure about ACTUAL entrepreneurship these days anymore, having recently decided it may not be all its cracked up to be) and people who want to create something or even freelance have my undying respect and admiration…

But this weird hangup we have with titles and wanting to be seen by our peers as paragons and exemplars (even if its all just blatantly spurious)… I don’t know, maybe its just me?

In my own company we have an incredibly flat hierarchy. Well… actually there’s no hierarchy and no one has any official designations. I just sorta expect people to get on with it and self manage. Which… actually may be the current source of all my problems. This worked better for us when we were smaller and with people of a certain proclivity and/or tendency. In any event that is a whine for another time.

In the meantime I will just quietly congratulate myself that I am ACTUALLY awesome. While all these other posers and pretenders are just playing house. Ha ha ha.

I mean I like to pretend that I don’t care. But really I care enough to look people up and then rain down judgement and feel smug about my own little fiefdom and its eccentricities… and stuff. So really I’m just the flip side of the same coin.

That’s annoying.

I thought I was special.


Hate this introspection bullshit.

Business books

Dear twenty year old me.

Given the shortness of life, there are two types of books you shouldn’t waste your time with. Business books. Also known as books that should have been a nine hundred word blog post but weren’t.

“It is my ambition to say in ten sentences what others say in a whole book.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche*

*I sometimes get the feeling Nietzsche didn’t follow his own advice…

The other is ‘Life advice’ books, or really any book some person feels compelled to write to ‘help’ you sort your life out. *Joey makes a horrible gurgling sound, before pointing a finger at his head and figuratively blowing his brains out*


Chances are your life is not shit. Its just marketed to you that way. Stop letting these fuckers profiteer from their optimal morning routines, nutrition efficient smoothies, meditation rituals and personal hygiene habits. Don’t let anyone ever suggest that what you are doing is sub-optimal or inefficient. Fuck them.

If you must read a book about entrepreneurship … these are the three that you should read. They are short, punch above their weight and are loaded with goodness that you can mull over in the bath. (or on the toilet, or really wherever your do your philosophising/entrepreneurshipping)


  1. REWORK (by David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried)


2. Anything you want (by Derek Sivers)


3. The War of Art (by Steven Pressfield)


In my experience (so far)… Pretty much everything else… read a summary. Or a blogpost




Monopoly car


This a series of posts I’m doing for my kids. In case I die (ie. Go Darke) and am not around to to teach them (personal) finance when the time comes. Its mostly stuff I wish someone had taught me when I was sixteen. You can find more posts like this…