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Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it

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Fundamental Joeyism


The absolute glee on this guys face… ha ha. In this endeavor I feel a deep sense of kinship with y’all. How come their are no Leviticus inspired billboards about… Continue Reading

Cool Hunting


What did you do today? I went grocery shopping. (like a good house-husband) Covid has emptied the aisles of coffin-dodgers… so on the whole it was quite a pleasant and… Continue Reading

Fundamental Joeyism

Multiple choice

Um… these multiple choice questions are getting harder and harder every year. After a fair amount of consideration I feel I should probably select ‘Neither Gender-nonconfirming nor Transgender’… which I… Continue Reading



‘Don’t be a follower. Don’t look for a leader. If he could lead you into the Promised Land, he could lead you out; do your own thinking […] Learn to… Continue Reading


The end of us

I finished the Last of Us 2 last night. *deep exhale* I must say, mentally, after playing this game after the kids have gone to bed, every night for a… Continue Reading

Fundamental Joeyism

Got Fight?

Joey is head-phoned and unergonomically reclined, Macbook wedged between his knees and burgeoning midsection…. trying to slurp scalding coffee from his mug and dribbling all over himself. I’m waiting for… Continue Reading

Cool Hunting

Under An Arctic Sky

As some sort of preface or disclaimer I should probably mention that I really LOVE Iceland. I am therefore incredibly bias about anything todo with this lithospheric regurgitation hocked up… Continue Reading