Dr. Dog

I’ve decided this might be my favourite children’s book. Top five at least. Ostensibly because it features a Basset hound as a medical professional…


You know its got to be good when the librarian has written this on the checkout… eh… tag… eh… thingy. (Seriously?!?!? Books can cause offence now? I wonder if Salman Rushdie gets a disclaimer like this)


It is a book filled with ageless wisdom… (like how to avoid reinfecting yourself with worms)


Personally I think thats great advice.

8 thoughts on “Dr. Dog

      1. Especially California. They’re even labeling stuff outside of California stating that in California it’s a possible cause of cancer. Lol. Maybe it’s just being Californian that causes cancer. Glad my dad had the good sense to get us out of there when we were kids.

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