Owl by myself…

Don’t wanna be…

I have a family of barn owls that live in my warehouse. They roost up where the I-beam meets one of the inner walls. There is a gap in the brickwork there and they seem to have contentedly set up a baby owl production line in there.

Every couple of months the juveniles get kicked out of the nest and are forced to experience the reality of existence. This is always a bit of a problematic time period for me, because juvenile barn owls are… how do I put this politely… really stupid. That and my warehouse (during the day at least) isn’t exactly the optimal training ground to hotdog around in and ‘buzz’ the tower (if you know what I mean). 


In any event, this one was especially dense. He kept flying into walls and knocking himself unconscious. I actually thought he was injured because he was really struggling to get airborne… and when he did achieve some level of altitude he’d fly straight into a wall. Eventually I’d had enough of his shenanigans, grabbed him and boxed him.

FullSizeRender (1)

My friend is a vet. She’s also does falcon… eh… ry? That is a thing right? A person with a leather glove and falcon who kill lesser creatures for sport? So has experience with raptors. And raptors and owls are similar right? I think an owl might even be a raptor… I am remarkably ignorant when it comes to nature. In any event I took it there so she could examine it.

FullSizeRender (2)

Physically its fine. Mentally is a bit of an unknown. She’ll keep it overnight for observation, feed and hydrate it and then I’ll bring it back here tomorrow and it can roam around here over the weekend and get a feel for his wingspan and orientate himself with the unyielding stationary nature of certain objects.

Anyways, this is my good deed done for the day. I feel like I should fire someone to bring some balance back to the force…

*shakes the magic pinky jar on his desk* ‘Who should I fire?’

Hmmm. Cloudy.

Less helpful than anticipated.


10 thoughts on “Owl by myself…

  1. Falconry is indeed a thing 😛 And while I believe owls are *technically* raptors, most falconers I know prefer to sort them into a group of their own, since their behavior when it comes to training is remarkably different in certain areas.
    (Areas like how to take care of the young chicks to prevent them from attacking you and clawing out your eyeballs once they’re all grown up…)

    From personal experience I can tell you this: Owls are complete and utter idiots.

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    1. You see, you learn something new every day. On matters of anything owlish I submit to your superior knowledge and experience. Since you likely have the scars to prove your expertise.

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      1. To be fair, you now have far more experience with wild owls than I do! 😉
        I don’t think I have ever even seen an owl in the wild. I have always assumed they had a bit more survival instinct than the moron I have in my living room, but your story sounds almost exactly like when Artemis was learning to fly…

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      2. Be glad it didn’t break anything. You ever had to take care of an owl with a broken leg when the vet tells you it’s not allowed to fly for a month…?
        Ain’t easy to keep an owl from flying.

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      3. I had just paid quite a lot of money to have a steel rod the size of a needle inserted in his leg, so I wanted to avoid maiming him further.
        My solution was to keep him in a cat carrier for a month.
        Honestly… Most peaceful month I have had since I got him (though cleaning proved challenging)

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