Imaginary friends

My three year old has an imaginary friend. Perhaps I should say three and a half years. Six months is a lifetime with little people.

I use the imaginary friend terminology quite presumptuously. I also presume that it is a he, although, having named him Charlie, I suppose, it has the potential to be gender ambiguous.

Charlie has quite the life. I get told about it in vivid details. Mostly when she is on the toilet and I’m waiting for the inevitable conclusion and she feels the need to fill that dead air with Charlies (amazing) exploits.

In any event, I happened to ask if Charlie has a surname. Being a concerned parent I’d like to know who my daughter spends her time with. Not skipping a beat she informed me his/her name was

Charlie Rosenberg.

This gave me pause (before I started laughing). Because… well… that is fairly specific in of itself. But perhaps more interesting to me is that that my daughters imaginary friend might be Jewish.

Further interrogation was stonewalled. So I have yet to determine any clues that might shed light on the origins of this mysterious nom de plume.


    1. Really? I’ve been too scared to google it… in case I find out Charlie Rosenberg died under mysterious circumstances and that he is entombed behind a load bearing wall in my house…

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