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Mein Kampf

‘So you know in ‘Mein Kampf’ when Hitler dislocates his shoulder…’

Words you will likely never use while conversing with the other parents at the four years old birthday party. (not if you want to make friends at any rate)

It boggles my mind though… how many times this #$@!*% escaped death where the people on the left and right of him died. Case in point, Max Erwin von Scheubner-Richter who was marching arm in arm with Hitler during the Beer-Hall Putsch and was shot through the lungs and was killed instantly. He dropped and pulled Adolf Hitler down with him. Hitler dislocated his shoulder when he hit the curb but managed to crawl away to safety… hiding in a friends attic (contemplating suicide) for two days before being arrested.

If I believed in… I don’t know, divine intervention (or whatever the opposite of that is) there almost seems like there was something at play here.

Its been quite a dismal read. Well… kinda. Dismal in terms of… knowing how ‘the story’ ends I guess. What struck me was mostly how absolutely normal he was. Maybe even below average in almost every facet of life (except oratory). Adolf Hitler was not a winner.

And yet, here is someone, who through this weird… coalescence of many different events just rose to the top to become this complete and utter monster.

For me the big one was the French invasion of Germany in 1923.

Germany had fallen behind on its war reparation payments and so, the French, annoyed, invaded and annexed the Ruhr region of the Rhineland. This really, really, really, fucked people off… an event which united the citizenry and pushed many of them to the political right. Germany was on the verge of breaking apart… and that one event just really gave that side of the political spectrum the shot in the arm it needed to get going.

I mean there were loads of other reasons. But reading about it from… and I’m loathed to use these words, ‘a different perspective’, definitely gave me pause.

For some reason I think of American History X…

… and how the protagonist Danny Vinyard gets called into the Principals office for writing a… I want to say a ‘book report’… but I seem to remember it being more of a human rights project. In event… I wonder now, how many Neo-Nazis have actually read Mein Kampf?

I mean… to get to all the kooky ethnicity stuff you have to first grind your way through the autobiographical stuff. And that is… *thinks*… Hitler really has some self-contempt, self esteem issues. There is nothing about him that is appealing. And these are his own words! How does that appeal to white supremacists as paragon material?

I feel like I understand humanity even less than I did before I read this book.

Anyway. I guess there are loads of books that have spawned movements whose adherents haven’t read the texts in question. Or perhaps have only been fed cherry picked extracts thereof.

*cough* Leviticus. *cough*

Is it a book I would recommend people read? Mein Kampf I mean. I definitely recommend you read the other one. Um… I’m not sure.

No. And also yes. Maybe. I don’t know.

Is it a dangerous book? Absolutely not. In fact I’m inclined to argue its the opposite. But people are… strange. And my experience of this tome are extremely subjective. I do believe it should be allowed to exist though and should be freely accessible.

Even if it inspires a tiny segment of the population… censorship is worse.