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Fight Song

I’m eating Nutella out of the jar.

Sometimes I like to lead with some of my less desirable traits, thereby subtlety framing the monologue with, ‘this guy is actually just an idiot’. Although, I’d appreciate if it was interpreted as a well-heeled idiot, since I’m not spooning some simulacra chocolate spread into my face-hole but ponied up for the real deal.

If champions REALLY ate breakfast, this is what they would eat. If they weren’t diabetic. Or obese I mean.

*slurp* Oh… and drinking coffee. Not some pour over wonk creation but pod-coffee… were the sum total of my actions in bringing the concoction to life was pressing a button. I’m basically a sociopath.

What to bleat on about today he wondered…

Personally I think its quite mean that Spotify has blocked Donald. Guess he can’t share his lets-get-rowdy-and-make-mischief playlist with anyone now.

I wonder what it started with…

Maybe… ‘I’m shipping up to Boston’ by the Dropkick Murphy’s. That’s quite a cool, ‘Going to the mattresses’ kinda song.

If that really is his first song I might actually give him some grudging respect. Ha ha. But that seems quite unlikely. Its probably something more pedestrian…. like Eminem… I laugh… imagining Trump wearing his hoodie in the White House listening to… Love the way you lie, shadow boxing in the Oval Office.

And for those that think Trump can’t actually throw down… well they have clearly never seen his Wrestle Mania debut taking out Vince McMahon. Ha ha.

Do I think its right for the Tech-corps of the world to conspire to suspend someone?

Um… I’m not sure. I mean, under duress where I was forced to make a yes or no decision I would say its the private companies decision to be able to do what they want with their platform. Even if it feels petty, vengeful and targeted. On the other hand I appreciate that there are people all over the world that are complete garbage human beings that tweet with impunity. So there’s that. The ‘rules’ seem to be quite arbitrary.

If I was a social media Robber-Baron would I have suspended Donald Trumps account? The answer is a definite ‘No’. I believe in Freedom of speech. Even if your message is spewing hate and untruths? Yes. And I’m sad that there are stupid people out there that want to dedicate their lives to foamy cultist status whose dopamine hit comes from being a foot solider for a person who doesn’t give a flying-fuck about them… but it is what it is. I’m more concerned that these people have nothing else to live for, surely that reflects badly on us? That we are failing in our menschkeit?

Although I hear both sides of the divide argue that the opposition is unreachable and cannot be reasoned with. And that the only option is annihilation of the enemy. I would argue that rabid dogmatism and blind faith in your team is likely more dangerous. If you’re draping yourself with a label and wearing the team colors… you’re probably the problem.

(Says the hardcore libertarian)

(I’m okay with a little hypocrisy)

Now where did I put my flag.

As a personal aside… if Spotify suspended me… I’d be devastated. (and probably asking for forgiveness)



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