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Hiking with Nietzsche

I unzip the Thule-case in which my MacBook lives when I’m out and about. My idea is to punch out a quick post while my daughter plays on the playground and I slurp the foam off a giant mug of the black stuff.

Only my screen is so dirty that I’m actually embarrassed to be seen ‘functioning’ like this. I suppose I could move so as to be more discreet and then by design no one could peer over my shoulder and see what I’m ‘working’ on. Although, its likely no one really cares… and its just me who is infinitely curious1 about what people, who work out of coffee shops, are clacking away at. I would totally judge someone with a screen as fingerprinted and… eh, splattered as mine. What is this? The MacBook of a serial masturbater?

[1] Notice how I refer to myself as curious, but everyone else is usually a mentally unstable voyeur.

And so I’m back in my in my subterranean dwelling from whence I, nominally, work shirk my life’s calling. (that sounds more authentic)

I finished my first book for the year. *holds up his achievement and tries to look stern* (my rather boring and horribly cliched new years resolution is to read a book a week)

I really enjoyed this, despite picking it up whimsically, and then only buying it at the end because I’d wandered round the bookshop with it for an hour (some of which it spent tucked into my armpit). It seemed, after being subjected to that, only… eh… ethical to make the purchase.

When I was… not a gray as I am now, more athletic and had the ability to go supine without everything creaking ominously and threatening to tear away from their moorings, I capriciously registered myself for a Bachelor of arts degree. Part time. In any event, I was miserable when it turned out that my philosophy 101 lecturer was a hardcore Christian (of an indeterminate splintering). Ha ha. Which amuses me now because at the time I was likely still an upright Catholic.

I desperately wanted a hard-boiled, angry atheist. The guy I got was so damn cheerful and… sane maybe.

In any event, in John Kaag (Professor and Chair of Philosophy at UMass Lowell) I got what I was obviously craving back then. A hardcore Nietzscherite. That’s not to say he isn’t cheerful in his writing. But he definitely does NOT have, as all people who follow the ‘Dark Arts’, all this marbles colored coded and arranged by size.

Having said that, who is… completely sane? And perhaps there are just people and their degrees of willingness to talk about how crazy they really are?

I think I clicked with this book because I recognize something of myself in the authors writing. Despite not being a Nietzsche fanboy. Well… that’s not entirely true. I can find something I like (and can appreciate) in most philosophies, and Nietzsche… well he probably has more than most.

In any event this is not a book for everyone. And this is not supposed to be a review, merely an affidavit stating I’ve crossed off my first book for the year. Yay me.




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  1. crustytuna


    This is ambitious, a book a week. Please update on what you are reading week by week. I need ideas. You know, for when I find extra hours in the day to read for fun. Who needs sleep anyway?
    Also, how do you go about shirking your life’s calling? I must learn. Might be useful to know my life’s calling to begin with I suppose…

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