Knowing where you came from is no less important than knowing where you are going.

Neil deGrasse Tyson

I should probably warn you that if you’re looking for something cerebral about space… you’re definitely in the wrong place. While I’d like to be more than an a casual commentator on all things cosmological it is an area of for which I am cognitively unsuited. Still, what I lack in accuracy and understanding  I make up for with enthusiasm…


Scale – Its insane

From the depths of Hades – As a rule, don’t mess with dwarves.

NOT to scale – We’re going to need more polystyrene balls.

Have Tardigrades, will travel – Moss piglets assemble.

Anomalous objects – Hank Moody knows.

You might be cool – But never this cool.

Planetary impacts – Sometimes they hurt. Other times not so much.

Happy Valentines Day – Abandoned and alone.

Below average real estate – Hickville, the Galaxy.

Dark side of the moon – The orbiting graveyard?

Bach for extraterrestrials – Bringing the aliens bach.

Discworldian physics – So not real physics then.

Martian sunsets – We are the first generation to have seen a sunrise on another planet.

Siderophobia – Fear of the stars.

Windfall – Yup.

Going nowhere slowly – Absolutely nowhere.

Good news, bad news – Relatively speaking of course.

Sunburn – The great misnomer.

I see the Moon and the Moon see me – For now anyway.

Pluto – I miss you. Please come back. We’re sorry.