Knowing where you came from is no less important than knowing where you are going.

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Callisto is my favorite Jovian moon. And quite possibly, after our own terra firma my favorite of all the ‘nearby’ astronomical objects. I like scarred and broken things and Callisto is by far the most pockmarked, battle damaged orbital body we have in our solar system. Underneath that blemished visage however likely lies a subterranean ocean, which may, one day, prove to be a massive boon to our species. Also in about 5 million years (when our sun has turned from golden to angry red, Callisto will totally be in the sweet spot for habitation and skinny dipping.

I should probably warn you that if you’re looking for something cerebral about space… you’re definitely in the wrong place. While I’d like to be more than an a casual commentator on all things cosmological it is an area of for which I am cognitively unsuited. Still, what I lack in accuracy and understanding  I make up for with enthusiasm…


Scale – Its insane

From the depths of Hades – As a rule, don’t mess with dwarves.

NOT to scale – We’re going to need more polystyrene balls.

Have Tardigrades, will travel – Moss piglets assemble.

Anomalous objects – Hank Moody knows.

You might be cool – But never this cool.

Planetary impacts – Sometimes they hurt. Other times not so much.

Happy Valentines Day – Abandoned and alone.

Below average real estate – Hickville, the Galaxy.

Dark side of the moon – The orbiting graveyard?

Bach for extraterrestrials – Bringing the aliens bach.

Discworldian physics – So not real physics then.

Martian sunsets – We are the first generation to have seen a sunrise on another planet.

Siderophobia – Fear of the stars.

Windfall – Yup.

Going nowhere slowly – Absolutely nowhere.

Good news, bad news – Relatively speaking of course.

Sunburn – The great misnomer.

I see the Moon and the Moon see me – For now anyway.

Pluto – I miss you. Please come back. We’re sorry.