They say that history is the greatest of all teachers, and that tales of past deeds define who we are in the present, and what we shall be in the future. It is said that such tales shall with each telling illuminate us all with the light of truth. 

I liked this line so much I wrote it on the first page of my very first journal. Back when I was a pen and paper purist. These days I am likely more cynical and tend to align myself with the philosophy of Otto von Bismarck and his penchant for spiky helmets, epic level mustaches and Realpolitik…


What we learn from History is that no one learns from History

Otto Von Bismarck. 


The Goggles of Erwin Rommel – From whence they came. Allegedly.

The assassination of Inejiro Asanuma – The last person to be assassinated with a sword. (as far as I know)

Christmas letter from Iwo Jima – Death is nimble and surprisingly quick (for someone so old I mean). Best to be prepared.

The stick-fighting president – And also (imo) the greatest of the US presidents.

Luck – The fate of so many decided by millimetres.

Presence of mind

Sun Tzu and the King of Wu – Wu for life.

Yankee Papa 13 – Vietnam helicopters.

Adam Long – Firefighters are awesome

Epic Fail – Bad day? Trust me, it could totally be worse.

Time to Buzz the Tower – How low can you go?

The death of a pamphleteer – Things that got you killed in Nazi Germany

Tsukahara Bokuden – Pot lid.

Yoshioka Seijuro – The duels of Miyamoto Musashi #1

Yoshioka Denshichiro – The duels of Miyamoto Musashi #2

Yoshioka Matashichiro – The duels of Miyamoto Musashi #3

Shishido Baiken – The duels of Miyamoto Musashi #4

Sasaki Ganryu – The duels of Miyamoto Musashi #5

An entertaining Enterprise – How the Enterprise got her name.

No laughing matter – Big Nims!