Libertarianism. Noun. Comes from the Latin, Libertas, meaning freedom. And suffixed with -ism because all ideologies get an -ism and it didn’t necessarily want to be left out.

liberty coin

I am an avid numismatist. This is one of my favorite US coins. American sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens was tasked by President Theodore Roosevelt with revamping America’s coinage. Saint-Gaudens originally intended for his $20 gold piece to feature Lady Liberty wearing a feathered headdress and sporting a full pair of wings. Instead of his original concept a Bald Eagle in flight appeared on the final version as this design was deemed overly complicated for the mints technology at the time. 

I consider myself a libertarian. Or depending on whether you want to get into the narcissism of small differences, a classical liberal. Broadly this means you are maligned by (almost) everyone. Especially other libertarians who want to argue the minutiae of every utterance you make about their cherished dogma and where you have fallen short in your fervor for the cause. I find this both irksome and draining. As with everything else on my blog this is mostly for my own edification and not really meant for vigorous discourse and recrimination.

You’re very welcome to poke around though should you so desire.

“Do Thou Great Liberty Inspire our Souls, — And make our Lives in Thy Possession happy, — Or, our Deaths glorious in Thy Just Defence.”

– Cato, A tragedy. Act III, Scene VI