The Loa of the faith

In voodoo, the Loa serve as intermediaries between humanity and the transcendent creator. Each loa has its own personality, many of them are equated with specific Catholic saints on the basis of similar characteristics.

If I were to spawn my own religion, it would need exemplars. Or saints. Or even Loa! He mused, suddenly enthralled by the idea. And who would you pick you champion your theological dogma? Oh, that’s easy, Theodore Roosevelt, Anthony Bourdain, Terry Pratchett, Christopher Hitchens. FA Hayek. Dead-peeps like that.

That’s a very male-laden pantheon. Well, we’re going for traditional-patriarchy which, over time, will begrudgingly add (hot) female paragons due to outrage among the laity. I wish Ayn Rand had been hot. Me too.


[Bourdain] An Ode to Breakfasts Past – Carcinogenic. The flavor that should be wedged in between salty and umami. But isn’t.

[Hitchens] The Real Monkey Business – ‘Filthy monkeys’ – Skippy the magnificent

[Pratchett] Playing with Fire – Swords, Siege weapons and Simians.