The time has come the walrus said…

I haven’t been on holiday in what feels like forever. Work and breeding have really cut deep into any vacation respite that might have been on the cards. Pre-progeny you are inclined to imagine that the little sperm-ovum combo will simply merge seamlessly into your existing life with scarcely a ripple. Post-progeny you know better (and have become an expert in all things tsunami)

Don’t feel too sorry for me though. This is my digs for the next couple of days.


Courtesy of my wife, who likes me. (Its part of my birthday present)

We used to come to this part of the world quite often when I was a kid. The surroundings have unfortunately become somewhat gentrified (in a gross commercial sense) over the intervening decades and the charm of the small town is gone. (look at me, recollecting the times of yore when everything was better) The hotel is still really nice though. I think it won best hotel in South Africa on Trip Adviser last year.

In any event I plan on doing as little as humanly possible (in between bouts of toddler wrangling) Except maybe read. And achieve some semblance of beach running (with which I may cause a fair number of fellow holidaymakers to amble towards me in a concerned manner, wet towels at the ready. Eventually, despite my protestations, they will push me ‘back’ into the ocean). ‘Go home Shamu, you’re free now’.

Ignominious end doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Sadly I had to take my laptop. Because well… I can’t really afford to take a holiday (in terms of responsibility that stems from this entrepreneurship hell I have created for myself) Joey teeters back into self pity and general whine for the briefest of moments. I’ll probably be okay though *slurping his pink umbrella drink* I’ve endured worse.

Vaguely he wonders if this all sounds pompous and self involved enough. (not being much of a travel blogger and therefore having limited experience in the prerequisites) After brief consideration and a failed attempt to guide a piece of pineapple into his mouth using only a straw, he decides its a good first attempt. As usual, since no one else will congratulate him, he congratulates himself. Well done Joey. Well done!

11 thoughts on “The time has come the walrus said…

  1. Looking good Jo. My article submission to doldrums magazine got rejected. I better lay off the Ativan for a while. I’ll just Laissez-faire and let you enjoy your misery while I go shovel snow. I wouldn’t be supposed to see the next post with a laptop laying in the bottom of the pool (if I could get my hands on it)

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    1. I will do my best not to disappoint you. I mean obviously I will disappoint you… but I will at least make an effort to… eh… what was it I was promising to do again?


    1. I like to think of it in terms of degrees (of leprosy). In the beginning it’s just a little numb and blackening round the edges. Eventually bits of you are sloughing off and you’re leaving a trail of toes behind you on the way to the supermarket.

      Ok. Not the perfect analogy. But thank you! I’m having a great time

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