I have an avocado tree in my garden. It’s a bit manic. Some years I get five avocados. Other years its a couple hundred and I end up dispensing crates of produce to everyone I know.


This year it seemed more even-tempered and middle of the range. Of course when your fellows are feeling expectant having once received a cornucopia of deliciousness, handing them each just a smattering of an anticipated bounty doesn’t draw the same measure of appreciation…

I briefly think about turning this into some sort of analogous tirade about broader economic ideology and the human condition. But I’m tired now having poked a big-toe into the migrant labor experience.


I also probably need to have a nap. Because I’m old. And all this balancing, coordination and fresh air has taken it out of me. I also got stung by a bee. An African-killer-bee, not your namby-pamby European or American Anthophila, albeit through my t-shirt and so didn’t get the full on death-effect. Although I don’t seem to be allergic anymore, so totally less dramatic.


On the whole not a bad haul. Although I don’t think I’m going to quit my day job just yet.

13 thoughts on “Avo-nomics.

    1. I never liked avocados as a kid. And eggs. Right into my 20’s. Now I can’t get enough of either. Thank goodness we are allowed to change our minds!!

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    1. $2? Really? Thats insane. Does some quick back of a napkin math… I AM SO LOADED! *dances the snoopy dance of happiness*


      1. Avocados and cannabis. The cornerstones of civilisation… and maybe Tim Hortons to prop up the third side of the Maslowvian Pyramid. Why do I feel I’ve wasted my life with all these other commodities?

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    1. If you lived closer I would definitely share with you. And not only because you’re nice… we could trade coffee for avocados. Our own little microcosm of the capitalist system. 🙂

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