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Shark watch

Took my wife to the airport earlier. She flew back to Jo’burg with the progenies. I drive back tomorrow with the canine creatures. On my way back I snapped this at the shark look out point at Kogel Bay.

It’s a nice vantage point because theres a nice break below the cliff where the shark spotters can (usually) see any lurking Great Whites coming into the shallower water and they can then (theoretically) warn the surfers of the impending threat.

You likely can’t read it, but the board records the last sighting on the 28/12/2019 @ 14H08… a measly 3 meter.

In any event, the shark spotter was sitting there… in his little cliffside shack… an elderly gentleman with a quart bottle of beer. He downed the last schluck from the bottle as I got there before setting it aside and getting another from the cooler-box…

Drink beer, stare at the ocean. I can think of worse jobs.


  1. crustytuna


    This is beautiful.
    Do you think it’s a paid position? Maybe a stipend?
    Will keep in mind for post-retirement…

    1. Jo


      No, I think its all volunteer work. (although I could be wrong)

      Aren’t you in the market for a career change? 😀 Is 2020 gonna be the year?

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