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Fundamental Joeyism

The monkey and the peas

A monkey was carrying two handfuls of peas. One little pea dropped out. He tried to pick it up, and spilt twenty. He tried to pick up the twenty and spilt them all. Then he lost his temper, scattered the peas in all directions, and ran away.

-Fables for children, Leo Tolstoy, 1904

Sometimes you read something that hits you right in the feelings. (admittedly my feelings are quite a small target so this is rare). Also I was planting peas today. And also eating peas.

Also this fable is about a monkey… and I am a monkey. A litany of coincidences.

Also I lost my temper.

And while I didn’t run away, I did flounce around and use cuss-words… maybe running away would have been the better option.

For some reason that makes me think about Brave Sir Robin…

Bravely, bravely ran away…



  1. Over Soil


    I’ve just read up on how much goodness is in peas and it’s surprising that one serving of peas provides the following nutrients:
    Calories: 62 Carbs: 11 grams Fibre: 4 grams Protein: 4 grams
    Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Thiamine, Folate, Manganese, Iron and Phosphorus

    1. Jo


      True. But they’re also a legume… so they contain lectin… which means they’re an anti nutrient and can stop you absorbing nutrients in foods you eat them with. Which is why they’re on the banned list of a lot of ‘healthy’ diets like paleo. 😬

      I don’t care though. I love peas

      1. Over Soil


        I love your second sentence, your first one not so much and peas me off.

      2. Jo


        How is jolly old England today?

      3. Over Soil


        I don’t know as I live in Wales. Here it just started to rain on the washing and so I’m sat watching BBC2 Gardeners’ World.

      4. Jo


        Sorry!! Now that you say Wales, I did actually know that. Cymru am byth. I should have gone with the more generic, how are things in the UK…. apologies.

      5. Over Soil


        No need to apologise, I live in Wales, but I’m not of any set nation, so I suppose for me it’s “Earth forever”.

      6. Jo


        I have a friend who lives in Wales. He’s like a welsh-independence kinda guy… and gets very offended if anyone should accidentally refer to him as east of Black mountains.

        Was worried that I might have offended you.

        In any event, I’m glad you consider yourself a citizen of earth and not some (rather meaningless) nationality. Thats very refreshing

      7. Over Soil


        You might be glad to read that I’m not even speciesist and if the cat is in my seat, I tell it to bugger off equally as if any other I live with (guests are an exception).

  2. erroneouschoices


    It’s the best when you feel what you read

    1. Jo


      That’s why I feel, I mean read you. 😍

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