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Fundamental Joeyism


I sometimes wonder if I’m more of a Japanophile than a Teutonophile. I should gravitate towards the latter being mostly that. But really, for the most part, ‘my people’ irritate me. That’s not to say I don’t really like some of the stuff they’ve come up with over the years… like (off the top of my head) the idea of a Mittelstand* based economy and the concept of apprenticeship that still seems quite ubiquitous, although to be honest, since I don’t live there, I’m not sure if that is still a thing. It certainly used to be.

*small and medium sized businesses, usually family owned that make up the backbone of the German economy.

I suppose you tend to be drawn to the ‘different’ to what you know and find contemptible… what with familiarity and what not.

I picked up this to read on the plane… because… eh… *sigh* it had cool Kanji.

Well… I thought it was cool. And I wanted to seem cool and enigmatic to anyone nosey enough to see what I was reading. Although maybe that’s just me… that likes to pry I mean (and then gets all supercilious when I find them lacking*)

*like if they are reading anything by Mark Manson or Tim Ferriss .

Shinrin-yoku is the practice of walking slowly through the woods. The characters for Shinrin-yoku can be seen on the left-hand side of the cover. The first character is a forest (three trees), the second a wood (two trees), and the third ‘bathe’ (flowing water on the left, and a valley on the right).

Our Latin alphabet is… well… I quite like our alphabet, but I will say that it has no whimsy. I mean it has its own nuances… but doesn’t… (after thinking for a while) *exasperated sigh* its not pretty pictures, its quite a functional grapheme.

In any event, as you might expect, walking slowly through the woods is good for us.

I mean the author gives quite a long winded explanation about why this is thus. But really…

…its because we are monkeys.

And monkeys like trees.

We also like bananas.

Well, I like bananas.

(I could have saved the author a lot of time and effort with my astute insight)

If you’re feeling rubbish about life you should meander around under a wooded canopy for a bit and you’ll probably feel better about life. Unless you get mugged and get stabbed with a rusty screwdriver between the tenth and eleventh rib. Or get smashed in the face with a broken bottle… which up until recently was being used as a device for smoking Quaaludes and is therefore of a dubious hygienic quality.

Things that would likely really mess up your day.

Personally I find dense foliage to be riddled with anxiety. Ha ha. I mean that’s probably my South Africanism kicking in. We like clear lines of sight, blue sky above us and a barbwire fences. (which do a marvelous job of injecting a sense of personal space into our environment)

But you know… if you live in a country where there are like *snorts derisively* five murders a year… some of which may actually have been suicides… then by all means, stroll.

Its a cute book. But padded out to get to its 174 pages.

For my efforts I think I mostly likely picked up Covid on the plane, my Darth Vader breathing through a double mask clearly all for naught.

Still, I hope I looked good… and that at least one person thought I was cool. (because that would make it all worth it)



  1. SnapDragon X.


    Does it count if I thought you seemed cool when I saw this pic of you and the book? 🕊

    1. Jo


      IT DOES COUNT! 😀

      I am all cheerful now.

  2. crustytuna


    Ahh, forest bathing. This idea makes so much sense. The Fairmont hotel here offers “Forest Bathing tours” to city guests… Also known has “hiking”. 😂

    1. Jo


      I wonder, when you’re blitzing down an incline, with the forest blurring to the left and right of you… are you forest showering? Because then, damn you’ve definitely got your hygiene on.

      1. crustytuna


        So fresh and so clean!
        Maybe it’s just a spritz. Who needs a full shower? And, baths are gross.

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