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Fundamental Joeyism

Newly domiciled

If it were up to me, (and personally I think it should be) I think we should confer sainthood on whoever invented the chocolate croissant. After all we’ve bestowed the laurel of extreme holiness on those who have achieved less. Like Mother Teresa. Pretty sure she hated chocolate.

*takes another bite of deliciousness and chases it with his flat-white*


The wind is howling today, shotgunning rain against the window panes of my local, aptly named ‘the coffee corner’. It’s tiny, but what it lacks in size it makes up for with great coffee and a very decent breakfast. Its also cheap… with handwritten invoices. Which makes cheerful (in a tax avoidance kinda way).

Dropping off the girls at school this morning, the dad in front of me got out of his truck wearing shorts and flip-flips. Ha ha. That really is a thing here. A meme-ish contrivance, the male of species here does not feel the cold. Me, ensconced in a hoodie and a jacket, buffed up and beanied bracing against the gale feels diminished by his pure alpha.

‘No brain, no pain’, I mumbled to myself.

We’ve been domiciled here now for three weeks. The first two we all had the ‘rona, so really its only been a week (and a bit) where we have been hale and healthy again. We haven’t gotten out much, besides we’ve had so much to do around the house (which is looking less like a coterie of looters have been through it now, but only just).

Mostly I’ve been getting stuck into the basement, painting out the storeroom… so that I can install racking and transition all our #$@& from the one room to another. Soon we will be able to invoke the hallowed tenet of ‘out of sight, out of mind’. I can’t wait.

I hate painting tho. Less than I hate digging, but its still up there in the register of the detestable. I miss my old man. He drove me mad… but it was nice having company when getting stuck into a project like this. I also miss his incredible strength… having a strong work-buddy makes a huge difference in what you can achieve (in terms of what you can lift and hold for example) Things we don’t appreciate in the living.

In any event we are turning the basement into an office. And a gym. And probably… because its quite large and cavernous a space with some broad utility. We will set up the wives drums down there… and maybe I can have an area where I can play with my Lego train-set.

The girls have adapted remarkably well. Their new school is great and they’ve been getting to grips with the new fauna. This Leopard Tortoise is in our back garden. These along with the Guinea Fowl, Franklins, Bell frogs and Mongooses (I desperately want to write Mongeese to pluralize them) are likely the most ubiquitous creatures around the house.

A picture of a fat little Dassie I took on our walk yesterday. I couldn’t remember what the non-colloquial name was for it. Its a Rock Hyrax… but amusingly this was in my search result.

I think I might have discovered my spirit animal.

‘Go for the eyes Boo! GO FOR THE EYES! Ruuuuusk!’ – Minsc, the Barbarian.

I don’t think I would pose for selfie with a Dassie next to my face. Admittedly I have trauma from being bitten on the lip by the kindergarten hamster. I also got bitten by a garden variety gecko once. And then I was mauled by Boerboel. And a baboon.

Maybe nature is trying to tell me something.

Could it not have just sent me a text?



  1. crustytuna


    Quokkas, interestingly, will toss their young to get away from predators.. These dassies might be all the more heartless.
    I enjoy these posts. I am imagining your grappling mats in your basement/gym/office, smelling faintly of paint with a strong rhythm section as a backdrop to lego-building. It will be wonderful.

    1. Jo


      Really? Dassies probably eat their young. Ha ha. I think this one did… he (or maybe she) was so fat.

      Ha ha. You’ve got my basement intention nailed! This is the way it must be 😀

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