Fundamental Joeyism

Fundamental Joeyism

All whimsical and miscellaneous posts that can’t be neatly (and often not so neatly) shoved into another category end up here. Their fate is to be collated under the auspicious (or perhaps suspicious) quasi-ideological and deeply idiosyncratic category of Fundamental Joey-ism(tm). All rights reserved. All wrongs and green, wobbly things sent back.


Love your anemone – Decrying the lack of a serious nemesis. As one does.

The healing prowess of the Basset Hound – Spurious canine pseudo medicine.

Where is my mind? – Like the Pixies song.

I have become death – Destroyer of pine cones.

Discworldian physics – Our precarious situation.

Apathesism – The religion of not caring.

Wisdom of the aged – Because I’m so damn old now, I know stuff.

In the Kaiju we trust – Godzilla and the Mechapope.

Cannibalism – Dog walking and life boat ethics Venn diagram overlap.

Educational toys – Edged weapons for Christmas.

Pastry and Lupus – These are a few of my favorite things.

Bathtub Bushido – Wrangling your creatures.

Runs with Wolves – Important life lessons.

Running up that hill – A evolutionary case for not running.

Not Jason – Apparently.

Mountain bikes and mixed metaphors – Disturbingly pornographic.

The animals went in two by two – Because two is enough.